Term Limits

Back in 1992 our state legislature passed a term limit bill, set to take effect in 12 years. But after enjoying the political goodwill this move brought, they repealed those limits in 2003, four years before they would have taken effect.

This is one more example of our legislature being out of touch with what the voters of Utah really want. Seventy five percent of Utahns support term limits, and yet we still don’t have them.

The longer politicians are in power, the more likely it becomes that they will abuse that power, the less in touch they become with the needs of their constituents, and the less accountable they become to the will of the people. And despite strong dissatisfaction with our state legislature, most representatives are easily re-elected over and over.

It’s time for that to change. That’s why I pledge to support term limits for the Utah State Legislature and for all statewide executive offices (including Governor). That’s why I have signed a pledge to impose term limits on the US Congress. Serving in these offices should be a way for candidates to serve the public, not a career.