In 2014, The Count My Vote initiative was launched. This petition sought to change the way candidates were nominated by political parties by replacing the caucus convention system with a system requiring primary elections. This petition ultimately led to SB 54, a compromise that was passed by our legislature that created a dual path to get on the primary ballot. Under current law candidates can be nominated by their respective party conventions, or they can qualify for a primary election by collecting signatures. The signature path allows more moderate candidates to effectively compete in primary elections and makes it harder for extremist delegates to control the candidate nomination process.

In today’s polarized political environment, we need more voter participation, not less. The political parties of Utah do not need to be protected from their own voters.

However, more extreme voices in the Republican party have tried to reverse this compromise. For example, SB 91, a bill from the most recent legislative session, would have removed the signature path to the ballot. It failed, but Keep My Voice and their advocates will continue to fight to repeal the dual path to the ballot, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Utahns support the dual path to the ballot provided by SB 54.

There is proof of that in our own district. As of July 18, 2020, the Keep My Voice PAC has contributed $2,588.82 to Jordan Teuscher, the Republican nominee for this house district. In addition, Entrata, a company controlled by Keep My Voice advocate Dave Bateman, has contributed $4,766 to Teuscher’s campaign. If Jordan Teuscher is elected to the legislature, he will be a threat to this compromise and will likely work to eliminate the signature path to the ballot.

I am a pragmatic political moderate who will fight to protect the signature path to the ballot and the SB54 compromise. In 2017, I sought to protect SB 54 from within the Republican party. I continue that effort as a United Utah party candidate. Visit my website at to learn more about my platform, volunteer to spread our message, or contribute to my campaign. Together, we can make Utah even better.