Local Control

Utah continues to grow and develop with remarkable pace, and how we manage that growth is one of the most critical issues of our time. Decisions regarding available plots of land will affect the daily lives of Utahns for generations. The people who live on or near a piece of available land are in the best position to know what should be done with it, and because it impacts their daily lives, they should have significant power to influence development plans. 

Currently, our state legislature, which includes many people with significant ties to the real estate and development industries, often tries to dictate to city governments what is to be done with our local land. This must change. The legislature should work hand in hand with local governments to plan and develop available land in ways that are best for the local citizens. These local leaders are extremely aware of the needs of their constituents, and it is ultimately their responsibility to make land development decisions. That’s a big part of why we elect mayors and city council members. The legislature needs to work together and partner with our local leaders to manage our incredible growth responsibly. I will oppose any measure that seeks to strip our local cities of this authority, and I will consult with our local leaders as I make decisions that will impact their cities.