Fiscal Responsibility

Our tax system is far too complicated. Many people need to pay for professional guidance just to file their taxes. I will work to simplify our tax code. The purpose of taxes should be to fund the financial needs of the government, not to manipulate people’s behavior. 

Far too many politicians are too quick to spend money that we don’t have. We need to be responsible with our taxpayer funds. Deficit spending is a huge risk, one that can only be justified in times of war or other national emergency. Unfortunately it has become the default way our country is governed. Every year our debt grows larger, as we mortgage the future of our children to pay for things we couldn’t afford today. Utah and many other states are legally required to balance their budget. The federal government should too.

I will oppose bailouts of companies that have had poor judgment. Our capitalist system only works when there are financial consequences for both good and bad decisions. Bailing out failing companies with taxpayer dollars effectively punishes the other companies that made better choices and don’t receive taxpayer subsidies. The role of government is to enforce contracts and ensure a fair playing field in the economy, not choose winners and losers.

The chaos brought by the sovereign debt crisis in Europe has shown what our future could hold if we continue this course of recklessness. That’s why I signed a pledge to support a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. As of July 24, 2020, I am the only candidate in this race to do so.

We should not mortgage our future by spending money on things we can’t afford today. We need leaders who can make the difficult choices required to balance our budget. Together we can ensure a better future for our children by making responsible financial choices today.

Learn more about my pledge for a balanced budget amendment here: